Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jeanine Sacks Reiki School Lunar Attunements

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Reiki Course Training – learn how to heal

For the longest time, people have wanted to live in a space of happiness, joy, and peace. However this cannot be possible if we live life from human eyes, we need to live life acting as a spirit. 

This means that we don’t get caught up in the ego and the drama and he said she said dance of life and live life from the heart space. 

Here is where is accept everyone for who they are with no judgments and we choose whether we allow people to speak to us in certain ways or even to be a part of our lives. This requires us to know who we really are and what we actually want out of life. 

This is what we refer to healing. Healing requires us to work through our emotions layer by layer almost like that of an onion. 

If you feel this tickles your fancy, then the reiki course could be something that you could benefit from, I personally believe it changes people’s lives, after all, it changed mine.

My next course starts Tues morning 25th August or Saturday 8th July, or Tues eve 15th August
Please look at my website for further details
Love and light to you always

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Treatments for Stress

They say that life is a journey ….enjoy the ride. A journey yes however no-one said it was an easy ride. We seem to put so much focus on the wrong mundane things such as work and money and ego and material goods which consumes so much of our head space there doesn’t seem to be enough room for what really matters, which is the heart and soul space.

The way in which we can lift our vibration actually doesn’t cost any money or ego or work, in actual fact it’s free and anyone can access it. This precious gift is called laughter. Think about it for a moment, when we are laughing there is no room for anger or fear or ego or irritation or any of these emotions that weigh us down and drop our vibration. It is pure unconditional joy.

This is the key to a successful well balanced life. How do we do this? To genuinely act with honesty first to ourselves and then to others.

While laughter is easy, it isn’t easy to just laugh, or to just find the joy as we seem to be so serious.

Reiki treatments can help stress by finding joy and happiness and  can help unlock the blocks that lie within us, to help break free from conforming and being trapped, allowing us to sore like birds through the sky instead of being bounded by stress and all the rest of it.

Jeanine Sacks Reiki School offers Reiki Treatments, internationally accredited Reiki courses and Specialised Energy Healing attunements and healing services. Jeanine Sacks Reiki School is centrally located in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Crystal course in Sandton, Johannesburg

There are many crystals in the world, this course is specifically designed to enhance chakra work as well as getting a clearer understanding of how we could benefit from using crystals In our everyday life.

The CRYSTAL COURSE  runs over  2 weeks, once a week for 2 hours depending on the group size.
The Crystal course is offered in Sandton, Johannesburg. Find a map to the crystal course here.

It is a magical trip within the kingdom of gems. Whenever we are in need of a crystal know that this is the exact stone that you are drawn to energetically it’s as if the stone has spoken and chosen us to take it home so it can do its work and heal you.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Reiki teaches self-development

Jeanine Sacks Reiki School offers a reiki course to students that can learn about unconditional divine love that is so beautiful when understood fully.

Reiki course content

Students will learn how to live in this space of feeling unconditional divine love for ourselves and therefore the world and the planet, and learn to master the moment of living in the now, the present and not that of the future or the past as part of the studying reiki.

Reiki Treatments can help those needing spiritual healing

If you are searching for healing, the simplest solution is to surrender unto faith and let spirit take over, however ego creates fear and doubt and confusion. Reiki healing helps you to follow your heart and follow your soul, it will never steer in the wrong direction. Your , heart will always set you free that is pure unconditional love in its highest most natural form. During a reiki treatment you can experience the feeling of unconditional love as you connect to the spirits and guides through your reiki master as the channel to the spiritual world.
Jeanine Sacks Reiki School offers Reiki Treatments, internationally accredited Reiki courses and Specialised Energy Healing attunements and services. Jeanine Sacks Reiki School is located in Sandton, Johannesburg. Clients that are based outside of Johannesburg can still receive reiki services through distant healing. Distant healing allows clients around the world to benefit from the unique healing abilities offered by Jeanine Sacks.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Reiki attunement during the Super moon

November 14th 2016 will be a night I will never forget. I am so grateful and blessed to have been a part of an amazing attunement given to the reiki students at Jeanine Sacks Reiki School, on the evening of the super moon, which was the Reiki 2 attunement. It was astounding to see the moon come in and out of the shadows from the clouds in all its glory and brightness to assist with this magnificent reiki attunement, it was also by no co-incidence that the attuenment given, was the emotional attunement and considering how very close to the earth the lunation was, it is safe to say that the full moon will be even more so indulging on people’s emotions.

Follow your dreams, follow your heart, don’t forget to keep smelling the roses along your way and looking up at the moon and stars for guidance and peace. The grandfather moon is always watching, waiting with bated breathe to bring us the passion and peace and harmony that life has to offer. Don’t let the opportunities pass you by, live a good life, enjoy the ride.

Jeanine Sacks Reiki School offers ReikiTreatments, internationally accredited Reiki courses and Specialised Energy Healing attunements and services. Clients that are based outside of Johannesburg can still receive reiki services through distant healing. Distant healing allows clients around the world to benefit from the unique healing abilities offered by Jeanine Sacks. Jeanine Sacks Reiki School is located in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Gift ideas to bring healing to your family, friends and loved ones

Reiki gift card Johannesburg
Jeanine Sacks Reiki School offers reiki healing gift vouchers that you can purchase and send your family, friends and loved ones a Reiki Gift card. There are a variety of healing treatment gift cards to select. 

You can purchase a healing voucher for a one hour Reiki treatment. If your family or friends are very stressed, you can purchase a 30 minute De stress treatment for them to help mange their stress levels. Another option is the One hourEnergy Replenisher treatment to help boost their energy levels. 

The Reiki gift card can be purchased for a variety of celebrations and occasions. such as 50th birthday gifts, birthday presents, employee incentives, cool gifts ideas, fathers and mothers-day gifts or a novelty gift.

The Energy Replenisher Treatment is designed to make your feel energized and replenished in moments of your intensive illness treatment when you experience total depletion or physical and emotional exhaustion. If you have loved ones in hospital, Jeanine Sacks Reiki School offers Hospital visits for R950 for a one hour treatment including travel time and travel costs. Travel is limited to Johannesburg. If you require the the Energy Replenisher Treatment for a loved on outside of Johannesburg, it is offered over distant healing at R300 for 30 Minutes.

Jeanine Sacks Reiki School is also able to offer all reiki treatments to your family, friends and loved ones living outside Johannesburg  via distant healing. Book your reiki gift card here